Beach Boys (1997)

Beach Boys is a Japanese TV Series that aired at 1997 in Japan. Wait.. What?!! It is almost 20 years ago. OMG. Time sure flies really fast. I was watching this heartwarming TV series approximately in year 2000-ish. It was aired in one of TV station in Indonesia. Talking about the TV shows in Indonesia. I stopped watching TV when I graduated from High School. It is sad how they used to broadcast cool series like Japanese Dorama a long time ago, compared to current TV programs that Only-God-Knows-Why-Everybody-Still-Watch kind of shows.

Back to Beach Boys. I re-watched it again a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know why, maybe I just miss the old feeling of how I used to be simply happy because of watching Dorama. And guess what! I re-fall in love again with it. No matter how megaboom effect of Korean Drama is now, I still have a very special place for Japanese Dorama like this. The series is contained of 12 episodes and 1 special movie episode. The nice thing about re-watch this series, because I feel a different feeling now. Like a mature side of me, could process the message of this series even more. I could interpret and appreciate even further than the previous me.

There are three main cast of this series, Hiromi Sakurai (played by Sorimachi Takashi), Suzuki Kaito (played by Yutaka Takenouchi) and Izumi Makoto (played by Hirosue Ryoko). Hiromi and Kaito are “the beach boys”, they like destined to meet each other and spend the night together at Diamond Head, a Minshuku Inn by the beach which owned by Makoto’s Grandfather. The arrival of Hiromi and Kaito give the fresh and energetic kind of atmosphere at the Minshuku Inn. Makoto, who still a high school girl, is already fall in love with those beach boys in no time. Every episode tells a different story from every cast. What I like about this kind of series is, that we can learn from every cast’s problems. There was a time when Makoto wants to stay in the beach, while his grandfather actually tell her to move out with her mother in Tokyo. Also, there is a time when Kaito back to Tokyo doing his work and then get visited by Makoto and Hiromi because they feel Kaito is more suitable to be with them at the Inn. Or when the cheerful and positive Hiromi has to tell everybody who he really is (a swimmer athlete who ‘run’ from what he supposed to do). Or when Haruko finally met her little boy, the one whose letter she always waiting for.

The story line is simple but somehow it really gets me. It’s about finding your “ocean”. Do something that we really like. Many lessons from this statement, but this series taught me an important thing about what we really like or what we have to do for life. It’s not always about what we’re good at.

The series ends when Kaito and Hiromi has to decide what they will do for next after the Summer has over. It was really emotional because both of them already have a deep connection now with the Diamond Head. Nevertheless, they have to go.

The special movie episode is also very heartwarming. It brings us to the couple of months after the beach boys left Diamond Head living in their own path. The question is, Do they really like what they are doing now? Funny yet smart how the writer suddenly bring the stories back to the beginning again.

This TV series has successfully made Takashi Sorimachi and Yutaka Takenouchi reputable actors until now. They both has their own charms and no one could deny it. I, myself, has fallen in love with Takashi Sorimachi’s character. Moreover, he could sing! This series’s opening song titled “Forever” was performed by Takashi Sorimachi.

After all, I can’t believe that watching TV shows produced from 20 years ago could moved my heart even more than before. This series is really good for you who happens to be at their twenty-something phase, wandering in life, searching for the purpose or whatever you should do. Maybe because of this series, sometimes I really want to run. Just living beside the ocean, far away from the crowded city.  The cast’s acts so natural, that makes me want to be part of them, The Beach Boys and Girls.

PS: The series’s opening clip is nice! You should watch it!

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    • inspiraww says:

      Hi Sam, sorry very very late to reply. I just googled it and find this on another website (Asianwiki, from the posters comment) Location : Nearest landscape is Historical site,Shogi Aoki Memorial, south end of Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture.

      it is the filming location. i dont think the minshuku is still there though. but it will be nice to visit there one day. after covid era maybe .. hahaha


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