Why We Jump

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s famous ted talk: The Danger of A Single Story has been parked in my mind for this couple of weeks. I know how people portray the millennials in this era. I’ve read many articles about millennials, because of course, I am one of them. The plus sides, the minus sides, let’s say I am all aware of that. However, the contents of what I’ve been read, somehow, feels like made by non millennials. I get this feeling of being judged, although they’ve complimented us somehow in the beginning.

I had this discussion with a gene X person, he said that he doesn’t like the fact that kids nowadays (yeah the gene Y people/millenials refer to the “kids”), easily give up on something. I read many articles also said that us, millennials, have the low level of struggling on something. I also remembered, when there is a seminar/workshop for the supervisors (all of them are gene X people) about how to deal with millennials. When I asked what the seminar was about, I am shocked that they view that millennials are some kind of new threats of the companies. I always smile while reading or listening to that. Until one day, that ted talk suddenly calling me out. How the supervisors, or upper managements of many companies see us the millennials, are.. how do I put it in a word ya? like.. hurts? I think it is time for me, as one of the millennials, to tell what we really think about it. About why we did what we did.  Because of course, people will have the different mindset, if they know the stories from different angles.

First of all, they don’t like us being creative but at the same time, we’ve become so selective about what we’re gonna do. Giving up so easily in the workplace because we’ve been treated bad by our supervisors are not a proud thing to do for them. They basically told us that it is okay to accept all of those harsh comments or  being scolded because it is for our own good. We have to stick with our place for a long time, no matter how hard the condition we live in. Well, what I want to say for these: Why should we? We live in a numerous of options, flying in our heads. We’ve been exposed on the internet. We know what the better condition out there that we might get. We know how others could go to work without being treated that bad, so why we should not giving the bad things up? I guess, it’s all about the freedom of choose. We all are in fact different. That’s why everything comes with preferences of user nowadays. We live in the era of preferences are important. So I think, we could choose to give up to something because we think that it doesn’t suit us, when we can. Of course it will be a different story when we can’t give up because we have to do that no matter what. What I want to elaborate is for me, it is acceptable to giving up your workplace when you think it irritates you. Because you live just once, and it’s so wasting of your your time to do something when you think you’re not into it or you’re not “clicked” with your surroundings.

Secondly, about how short the time we want to be in one office. If 2 months to 2 years are the average of millennials usually work in one place. Of course it freaks the Gene X supervisors. Many companies try to be as casual as they could, because millennials like to be treated fairly and not too serious. Wearing jeans for example, become one of the human capital program in a big company. Why do you think they do that? To make us the millennials stay for a longer time! Moreover, the booming of startup companies also become the threats of the classic conservative companies now. The casual management, with flexible working hours are the strong points that usually be considered by us. We already live in a high level of stress world, what we need is an environment where we could explore our ideas without being pressed too much. Also, the variety of jobs and experiences are ones of the main reasons. We want to try as much as we can. We want to take the opportunity to try. We’ve been exposed to new career such as blogger, or vlogger, or youtuber. This kind of job doesn’t exist in 25 years ago right? We are thinking that there are many new ways, many opportunities, out there. And we see that there others who’ve succeeded which led us to believe that we can do it too. It’s normal, because courage is contagious.

Well, of course we make mistakes. We are just humans afterall.. But, what I want to say is, don’t judge us. Because we have our own reason. No matter if you agree with our reasons or not, but let us learn in our own way. If we must fail, then we will fail later, but at least we try. Don’t mock us for being free spirited. Just accept that we are different, and respects each other’s decisions to jump in and jump out as much as we want.

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