Long Vacation (1996)

It took a long time for me to write a review of my all time favorite dorama, Long Vacation. The dorama which started everything. I have a deep relationship with this dorama because of many reasons, one of them because this is where I met my first love: Takuya Kimura! Yeah, I fell in love with him as an actor, and I have developed my attraction in tv series and movies because of him and this series. This dorama also became hit in Japan, and since take a role in Long Vacation, Takuya Kimura has become the main lead actor who always bring his series to the high rating program every year. In order to write from a different point of view describing of how I feel about this dorama, I decided to watch this dorama again. Funny thing is, no matter how many times I watch this dorama, it always make my heart flutters in a certain way.

long vacation

Long Vacation starred by Takuya Kimura (as Sena Hidetoshi) and Tomoko Yamaghuci (as Minami Hayama). Takuya Kimura brilliantly portray a passive guy Sena as a charming and to die for guy. I usually don’t prefer the passive guy, but I don’t know why Takuya Kimura nailed it. I’ve never seen Tomoko Yamaghuci in other series, but surely in this dorama she is the Sun. She could make this dorama fresh and warm. Sena is a 24 year old guy who actually is a piano master candidates however stucked as a piano lesson teacher. Minami is a 31 year old lady who face the sunset time of her model career. They both met at the Sena’s apartment when Minami is left by her fiancee at her wedding day. Her fiancee share apartment with Sena, but when Minami came it was too late because her fiancee already gone. It is basically a romantic drama involving a guy and a lady who live together and started to get to know each other, console each other, and love each other as the time goes by. I will review this dorama from the point of what I love most, first of all are the main leads Sena and Minami.

What I love about Sena and Minami interactions is that they inspire each other to live. Not just some random meaningless romantic scenes, but a deeper connection between two humans through their conversations and acts. Sena is a shy guy, really.. he is too kind and introvert, a total opposite of Minami who is really bright and cheerful. However, they are actually could see the world from the same perspective. It is shown by the small moments but deep for me. Like when Minami and Sena laugh at certain jokes of the movie while their partner couldn’t see that funny at all. Sena might be really passive and too cool, but when Minami sad and depressed about her why-everything-goes-wrong life, it is Sena who consoled Minami to take that time as a vacation from God. To not rush, to not try hard, just let everything flow in its natural way. What Sena said was also the meaning of this dorama title. I might not realize it when I watched this dorama 16 years ago for the first time, but this version of me now.. see that moment as one of the touching and deep scene that I love most in this dorama. Another of the sweetest moment was when Minami try so hard to learn piano, to show a miracle to Sena due to his plan to giving up Piano from his life. I think, it is nice to have someone who like Minami in my life everytime I’m planning to leave my dream. They developed to love each other without their realization, but not in a cliche way. They support each other to stand up on their own feet again after their dark moments. I think that’s one side of relationship between man and woman which really hard to find in this nowadays romantic drama/tv series.

Other thing that I love most from this dorama is the soundtrack. La La La Love Song by Toshinobu Kubota ft Naomi Campbell, Deeper and Deeper by Cagnet and all of the piano pieces. I still listen to the songs up to now, I have them in my phone playlist. I read that because of this series, there were many guys want to learn piano. It’s really cool wasn’t it? The effect of this dorama was really huge!  I think the music director of this dorama is a real genius, because the music matched with the mood of every scenes. I used to confuse with the music without lyric; what does the musician want to tell about on their pieces? Somehow, I could get it in this dorama. Every sound of the piano could tell a thousand words and miraculously  moved my heart.

To sum up, I think that this dorama is a must watch series for those who are thinking that their life going nowhere, they have to try to think it as their long vacation from God. Because no matter how hard we try, there always be moments like that. About the romantic relationship, make us think that the strongest reason for man and woman could be in love is maybe because despite of the difference personality we might have but when you can find someone who sees and thinks the same view as you do and could pull you out from the despair sea, you’ve successfully found yourself a home, you’ve found the one who you want to be with forever.

Anyway..if you never listen to it, you should try to listen Close to You and Minami: Sena’s Piece. They are really awesome piano tunes 🙂



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