About Loss

My heart is so heartbroken because of the JT 610 accident. Not only because it was so sudden, but also until now, we don’t really know what was happening up there. On that day, my mother and little brother were also have flight from Jakarta and to Jakarta. Can you imagine how worried I am. And I’m sure, many people out there whose family or their loved ones that were flying, must have shared the same feeling with me. The saddest thing was, I don’t know why but many of the victims were happen to be someone I know, my friend’s family, or the family’s friend. So I am truly feel the loss.

Therefore, I made a poetry for the people who deal with this kind of sudden loss. My thoughts and prayers with you all.


We will never know, When

We will never know, Who

We will never know, Why

Sometimes we think we are weak

that the end of the world has finally come for us

However, I believe that as hard as it seems to be

Eventually, with the miracle of time

We will have the ability to let go.

But now, or for the longest time that we might need

Just cry, scream,

let your heart explode

and let the tears fall

to sense all that grieve slash our heart

so here is my sincere pray for you

to be able to rise again

and finally, accept