The Price for a Throne

It takes me a while to process the ending of Game of Thrones. Many fans will agree with me that the last season is somehow butchered and lead to many disappointments. Including me at first. However, as the endings of many movies and series that have grown up with me, I am started to think and what the lesson could be learn from what I see. For me, reading and watching is not merely consumption. It’s an investment. So no matter how bad script we thought the last season Game of Thrones is, I still find the invaluable lesson behind, like every season of that series. So, I applaud for those creators and actors who made GoT a ruthless teacher that force us to process the lesson that we used to avoid.

Let me share who are my favorite characters of this series. From the very beginning, I always like the 3 characters: Jon Snow, Daenerys and Arya Stark. Led me actually afraid too because when my friend’s favorite characters suddenly died, mine are still there till the last season. The reason behind it because as the extreme happy ending devotee, I want them to have their happy ending, really.  Well, if you’re a fan too, we know how the ending for them. Can’t really say it was happy wasn’t it?

But, I remembered of how I thought of the title for the very first time. We just realized why the title using the Game instead of Battle, or other formal word to tell a story about a throne. The definition of winning and losing are blurred here. Can we really say Daenerys win the throne? Can we really say Cersei lost the game? The definition of winning for me is a peaceful heart after fulfilled the goals with a good result. But in the game of thrones, I think we could never achieve both of them. I don’t know why we glorify the taste of being in a throne without the fair explanation of how much blood and tears have fallen in order to obtain that throne. Can one really be peaceful at heart knowing that they become a murderer? Can other’s sin could justify us to make sentence of others? Can one’s misfortune could legalize massacre that they commit?

I somehow think about how could be a Game of Thrones in modern era. Makes me sad that many people still glorify the throne and closing their heart and eyes for the price of it. I think this is what the creators wanna say to us. We could be wrong no matter how smart we think we are. Whom we follow, we give our loyalty to, could somehow change and becoming the evil we want to kill. For me, starting from now being in a throne must be exposed as the most most difficult duty, not because of how hard we have to persuade people to follow us or how high we have to pay to build the undefeated army,  but because of how lonely and restless it is.

The Dream that Do Come True

Oh, how we are actually get romanticized by the phrase of “dreams”, especially “the dreams come true”. I used to look myself as a little girl who got many dreams and hopes, who sincerely wish that this world is filled with kind people and sustainable ecosystem, who think that there are miracles in this world. Well maybe i am still that little girl. So one day, my mom said to me that she wanna go to Japan and that she want me to join her. I always wanted to go there, since I forget when. Maybe when I watch Sailor Moon, or when I watch my first J Dorama Long Vacation many many many years ago. Yes, going to Japan has been my dream, for all along.

The thing about trip with mum is, uncertainty. Not until the very last few weeks that the trip would still be on, not cancelled (as they used to be). And finally, suddenly I was going to Japan. Wait, it’s not the beauty and majesty of Japan that I wanna tell here. Of course Japan is so magical and I really enjoyed my time there. But the highlight of this event is how do I experience the dream come true. I don’t know how to put this but I think God give me this experience in a way, to heal my broken heart. A broken heart because of forever temporary (I’ve posted a story about this).

I have been planning, I’ve made some calculation actually, I was supposed to go to Japan in the next few year, maybe 2 or 3 years later. But God’s time is so amazing. I could go there this year and I still couldn’t believe it myself that I have actually cross that list. I have fulfilled it. Maybe it was after Japan trip that I started to feel losing the burden on my shoulders. Because after all, really, God has a unique way to teach us the lesson. It was very hard for me to let go some thing, but after I try to, God give me the sweetener. I don’t know if everyone will experience the exact same thing about dreams that do come true. But I came to the conclusion that, some of our dreams will come true in an explainable way after we make sacrifice or let go the things that we’ve been kept for a long time. Maybe God wanted to teach me that we can not get everything we want at the same time, and every thing has its own time limit: so when the limit is fulfilled we have to say good bye.

I also used to think that it’s impossible for me to let thing go especially if I want it forever be with me. But, in this very unique way, I learned that I can handle that, and well.. I am  not actually losing this thing because sometimes the thing is just being evolved, transformed into a new “model” and somehow we would feel enough of it. 

In conclusion, I want to take this moment for me to also learn that dreams that do come true is very beautiful. However, there’s a price that we have to pay to make it true. If it’s really your dream, and it’s good (not harm for any other creatures), then it will be the fair price. One thing that I know after this, I will still believe, I will still hope, I will still dream, especially for a good cause. Because I know, it will be worth it.