A little light

How many times have you thought to give up?

To smell and see what actually peaceful is

Your sorrow

Your fear

I can never feel them

But if you ever think to give up

Please find your guardian angel

She is right beside you

Telling you that you can pass this

Hardships and sweats

Tears and bloods

No one can count them

Not even you

But it is not about how you brave

it is not about how you strong

it is not about how you stand up

it is not about how you are loved

it is about to postpone your desire

it is about to lie to your brain

it is about to let the guardian angel take control

it is about to be free from your own mind

it is about to find the hidden treasure of your life

because every life is precious

even if you think yours not

you have to dig deeper and explore more

no matter how tempting to go from here

you have to discover a little light in your heart

and please whisper this to your ears

“No. Not today.”