Last Decade Lessons

It’s a new decade! How exciting it is..

I actually don’t really have goals or bucket list for every year, because whenever I made one, I easily forget about what I’ve written. Lol. But, since it’s a new decade, how about we wrap up with what I’ve learnt the most for these couple of years. It will be a good reminder for me too from time to time.

  1. You can always go to the totally opposite direction from where you were planning to go. And that’s okay. It could be beautiful too. I remembered that back then when I was in uni, I didn’t wanna work in a Bank. Funny that my first job was in a Bank, and up until now I still be friends with the people from my first workplace. I am really grateful for the people I met in there, for the lessons that I had, for the friendship which have been a family to me too.
  2. You can change your personality to be a better version of yourself. It doesn’t mean that your soul changed whatsoever. It’s actually just discovering your other self that you haven’t met before. I am a shy person. I still remember that I was really shy in my first workplace. I didn’t talk a lot. Just a typical introvert person. There were some people who criticize me because of how quiet I am, and honestly I wanted to change too. I even hated my self for being too shy back then. As the days go by, when I already found my comfort zones, surrounded with the comfort people, I realized that I am not that shy anymore. What surprised me back then was there is one who didn’t believe that I am an introvert, because I was chatty, I could talk louder (yes, there were people who couldn’t hear to what I said because my voice is so soft.), I could laugh freely, I was so in my flow.
  3. Letting go is the hardest thing to do. But you can do it eventually. With a little help from the universe. I don’t like to be in a sad mode for a long time. I mean, it is important for us to acknowledge and intensely feel the sadness. So that we can move on. But being in a sad mode is tiring. And I realized that the important act between being sad and moving on is letting go. So I kinda want to master this skill. I can’t say that I can let go fast right now. However, I found that we can set some distance to everything in this world, to make letting go easier.
  4. It is important to reconnect with our God. Sometimes, being in this world for too long can make us forget that actually everything is temporary. God has given the guide for our life to the holy book, and it is our loss when we are not searching and learning everything in it. Being reconnected to my God is the most indescribable feeling. It is like I am loved, and it is enough. More than enough actually. Our relationship with God might get loose sometimes, and it is our duty to make it tight again. God is always there, and we can always go to God. Everytime, everywhere, as long as we still alive.
  5. Know your limit, your weakness and your strength. Sometimes we get confuse because back in school, it was like we have to be better in every subject to get a predicate as Smart Kid. For kids, being a smart kid is one of the coolest thing we could have. What was wrong is that we don’t have to be good in everything. Because it is impossible to be good at everything. So when you sense that you are doing a toxic job, being with the toxic people, report to the toxic boss, then love yourself and stay away from them. Sometimes it is scary to not knowing where you are going, but you have intuition and it can lead us to the better place.
  6. Pleasing everybody is just a waste of time. As we get older, we get to know what kind of person we are. What kind of person that most connected to us. It is really important to just care to the right people. Our bestfriends, our family, our significant ones, our mentors, are the sample of type of people that we should be really care about. Other than that, we have to be very picky. It is for the sake of our mental wellness.
  7. Appreciate our gifts from God. Our health, our family, our relationship with the closest people. Sometimes, if we’re lucky our dreams can do come true. Enjoy them and be grateful for them. We are so often forget to appreciate these basic things and then taking them for granted. Not until God takes them away from us, we would know how important they were for us.
  8. We create impact from everything we did, so we have to act wisely. Honestly, I was a person who didn’t really care about environment. However, I manage to learn that we could either contribute to the greater good or the otherwise. This earth is crying, because of us. Our ignorance and recklessness have donated a lot of disasters. It’s in our hand whether we want to do something or just live shamelessly.
  9. The greatest wealth is to live content with little. When I heard about Konmari, I was so excited. I remembered that it was the first time I could really enjoy folding clothes and tidying up my spaces. I was interested in the minimalism too, although I couldn’t be that minimalist but I kinda get the point behind this way of life. I used to think that it is better to have things more, glad that I know it sooner before I have my own house so I would do better in my future one later.
  10. We can always start over. What is life actually if it’s not the collection of our start overs at something. Never be afraid to fall apart, because we actually have the opportunity to rebuild ourselves the way we wish we’d been all along. It would be hard, but it is a possible thing to do.

Oh, after making these recap.. Why do I feel that I am growing up! Yes, although there’s not a biggest change in my life from ten years ago, but knowing that I learn so much is somehow soothing me. We have our own path in life, just focus on our path. Let’s write what you have learnt too and share to me how cool is you now. 🙂