The Light We Need

I still remember when I was first seeing Ted Talk video of Sir Ken Robinson. No matter how popular it was, it was so relatable and personal for me. The Ted Talk video finally has opened my eyes. It made me realize that actually I have been so near with this issue. I have been thinking about this issue for a long time. And just like that, I was really really hooked into Education thingy. I cried when I first knew that Sir Ken Robinson has passed away. It makes me remember how I wanted to meet him in person. I want to listen to his stories even more. Read his books even more. It makes me remember the time when I was so passionately pursuing the opportunity to get a master degree in education. Although I could not pursue that dream, having concerns in education issue, I think still runs in my blood no matter how.

Back when I was in school, I actually really love art subjects. I even considered to majored in Art for my undergrad study. But, for some of you may know already, for parents who are so alienated in art thingy they don’t really have any idea if art could be the way to make money in their children’s future. With a heavy heart, I let go my dream to study in art/design. I didn’t know why people who excels in art should be less smart than people who excels in math. Why did the society look at that way? Not until I understand the education system that explained by Sir Ken Robinson.

Nowadays, in my country with the large gap between the poor and the rich society, it is so easy to see how heartbreaking the economy could affect the education of the children. Let alone to set up perfect personalized curriculum like Sir Ken Robinson always believe in for every child. To make sure that they are going to school without making the poor parents worried about the cost is another big thing. Not to mention how the infrastructure in our country were not equally made in every region, and those children might have to travel for hours and in danger just for going to school.

I just watched a documenter film titled “Negeri Di Bawah Kabut” that recently added in Youtube. I feel like I could talk for days discussing many issues that captured in this movie. It was made in 2009 and 11 years later, I believe the issues are still there. They stay the same. But obviously, what attracted me the most is again, the economic and education issue. How on earth, a farmer who put so much effort growing the vegetables that we usually eat having a difficulties in supporting their children to go for the next step of education level.

Clearly there are something wrong in our food industry system. It just doesn’t make sense to me, the ones who supposed to have enough always get less and less. Meanwhile, if this keeps continuing, if there are still many children who can not go to school and utilize their fullest potentials. It is very hard for this nation to grow faster. Because of course, after every discussion that I had with my book club mates, I believe every solution of this country’s issues is rooted in education. However, looking at our education system, I keep getting discouraged.

I know that there are many issues to be solved in this country, but if I can choose one of them, I really want to be involved in education matter. Sadly, maybe now is not the right time for me to just jump in this sector. Nevertheless, I always keep this issue in my heart. Later, when my time is come, or when the universe is allowing me to fly. I want to dedicate my self in creating the light that we need. The light that this country need: in education system.

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