About Friends

What makes you feel grateful today?

From the moment we wake up, until we close our eyes for that day, we should be grateful for everything. The fact that we live itself is a blessing. But for some people, there are some things that are more meaningful and valuable than the others. Besides the lovely family that I have. My second treasure is my friends.

I still remember the day when I was a kid, being so listless going to school. Because simply I didn’t think I had enough friends back then. I don’t know about other kids, I believe that every kid has their own challenge when they go to school. For me, the academic was not really an issue. Thank God, I could digest the lesson in school properly. But for socializing. It was the total opposite. Back to a few years, before I even go to school, I looked at myself as a cheerful child. If I saw my old photobooks, I saw a lot of smiles when I was a toddler. I was the first grand child so I received a lot of love back then. I looked so optimistic in my old picture. But that was not long. Until I go to school, and meet real people other than my family. Everyone seems so tricky.

It was rain, and I was playing with my neighbor friend. But she did something that upset me. I was running from her house to go back home. It seems like yesterday when I cried because of something that I don’t even remember. But sadly, I still remember the pain. My life in elementary school was the most challenging time for me. I thought, I could make friends easily. I thought everybody is kind and nice. But that’s not the case. I was struggling to make friend, and slowly, the smiles that I always put on my face since I was a toddler, disappeared. If I see my old pictures from elementary school, I saw someone who is so sad, not confident, and want to run away from the world.

Therefore, when I sit quietly like now. Reflect to the friendship I’ve been made since I graduated from my elementary school up until now. I am so so so grateful. Some of them are the friends whom I never thought I would meet. Someone who understands me even before I explain anything. Someone who give me comfort when I need. Someone who help me during my crazy and chaotic situation. Someone who give me a lot of presents. Someone whom I can talk deeply. Someone whom I shared the same perspective with. Someone whom I adore. Someone whose thoughts that I look up to. Someone who have the same dream and vision. Someone who could really see me. Someone who are worried whenever I “disappear”.

To my dear friends, you know who you are.

You all have a special position in my heart. I thank you for your presence. I thank God for you being born. I love you all..

And this one was a gift for me. A video that made by some of my besties for my birthday.. I think I really need to look at this from time to time. To remind me, that there are people who love me. Omg they are so cute..

Laughing so hard listening to them. Oh when can we have this quality time together again…